Okay. We all know someone, (or more than one), who is insane about GARLIC - Right ?  Give them the gift that Keeps ON GIVING!!(..and let them specify Spicy or not) And since you're being so generous, we've kicked in a $2.00 discount

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We love being in Montana, and we're glad you're visiting our page.  So  welcome to the Wonderful World LLC website where we proudly  offer  you Garlic Head Barbecue Sauces –  tasty, tangy, sweet, sour, garlicky, rich, delicious, dark, luscious, blend of spices, onions, and herbs, in a thick tomato base. But mostly, it has lots and lots of garlic to brighten your day, your BBQ, or whatever you decide to put it on or with.

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  NOTE: We have a new website for ordering...

Garlic Head Sauces by Wonderful World LLC

Each Case has 6 (six) jars of sauce, individually wrapped and packed.  Cases are shipped via USPS Flat rate cartons. All Prices Include Shipping and Handling in the Continental US! All prices are for US orders and shipments only.   Please email us in advance for other  arrangements.

  NOTE: We have a new website for ordering...

  NOTE: We have a new website for ordering...

Gourmet Goodness!


If you have a recipe that calls for two cloves of garlic, and you use only two cloves, this barbecue sauce is not for you. If you use a whole head of garlic because it’s all you have in the house, this is the stuff you’ve been waiting for!


We’ve collected years of our own market research and we think you’ll find this the best barbecue sauce around. Make no mistake, this is not run of the mill BBQ sauce. It’s thick as spackle, and it won’t pour out of a jar nor run off into the fire.


Original (Gold) Garlic Head is sweet, tangy, garlicky, rich and addictive. Use it on ribs, chops, chicken, shrimp, roasts, ice cream (kidding) and anything else you can think of where a delicious glaze of flavor is what you seek. The Spicy Recipe will please the Pepper Heads among you.


So whether you are planning on having a little party or a big one, Garlic Head adds the gourmet touch with the right amount of flavorful, garlicky zip!