Wonderful World LLC is a family operated business resulting from recipes we have offered to friends, relatives and guests for many years.


Our Garlic Head BBQ Sauces (in both Regular and Spicy Recipe) are recipes our friend and mentor, Keith Baker, began making over 45 years ago to put on chicken for the grill. Folks have raved about it ever since, asked for more, and often remarked, “You oughtta bottle this stuff!” Well, we finally got around to it.


We use high quality ingredients in small batches to insure consistency in our flavor. This is not the cheapest way to produce BBQ Sauce. But then, did you want the cheapest, or the best?


Being small and independent means we can offer products that are not available elsewhere. We can decide on what ingredients to include and we control our quality with personal care and involvement.


Please share our website and information with friends, family and media outlets.

Thank you for your patronage and help!





Garlic Head Sauces by Wonderful World LLC

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