Garlic Head Sauces by Wonderful World LLC

Customer Comments




“if eating this stuff with a spoon is wrong… I don't wanna be right! WOW! how did this combination come into being?! -and thank you for thinking of it :)”

Margaret , Montana



“What a GREAT flavor!”

Monika, Arkansas



“Oh boy!”

Grace, California



“Did an awesome job on our last pork tenderloin and chicken BBQ.”

Jim, Wisconsin



“My father fell in love with it as soon as we opened the jar and he smelled it.”

Laurie, Illinois



“Spot on!”

Jeff, an Englishman living in Dachau, Germany



“Just give me a spoon and stand back.”

Meghan, an American living in England



“Get me some more of that sauce!”

Dawn, Virginia



“I use it on everything, even celery. It makes the best baked beans I ever tasted.”

Joe, Illinois



“The most flavorful chicken ever!”

Cheryl, Montana



“Gave our chicken real PZZAZZ! It also cleared my sinuses pretty well.”

Teresa, Montana



“This stuff is the best!!! We love to marinate our chicken in it all day and then put it on the grill.”

Cindy & Todd, Illinois



“It IS good!”

Walter, Colorado



“I tried your Garlic Head BBQ Sauce for the first time yesterday. Very, very, good! My girlfriend and I tried it in one of our favorite recipes-barbecue beef tips. Not only was I very pleased with the results, so was my girlfriend (who is much harder to please than me). In fact, she has already recommended the sauce to several of her friends. Keep up the good work!”

Bob and Kitty, New York



People tell us they use Garlic Head as a spread on sandwiches and as a dipping sauce. One man even told us that, being a vegetarian, he puts it on his grilled veggies – and it is “just great!”


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